Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is there anything this man can't do?

Royal Sidenote: This particular page was actually a two-page spread of Supahman stopping a missle (an apparently squishy one), with the other page being the shaft of said missle
. Your Royal Highness finds no humor in breast cancer, but I do find this image fucking hilarious. The End.


jeadly said...

Your Royal Majesty,

I shudder to offer humble counsel regarding the previous Royal Sidenote. However, most monarchies have traditionally reserved the styling "His Royal Highness" (HRH) for subordinate members of the Royal House, rather than a Supreme Ruler such as His Majesty.

Most modern monarchs also opt to employ the Majestic Plural, or "Royal We" when making self referential statements. A style more fitting His Majesty's title, such as 'His Royal Majesty (HRM) the King of Crayons' may serve to curtail disdain or ill-respect in neighboring Charcoal, or even rival state, Markers. Lest the barbarians should assume their bloodlines more prestigious than that of most sovereign and noble Crayons.

Of course His Majesty may style himself in any way His Majesty pleases, far be it from me to impugn the Royal prerogative.

In humblest service,
His Majesty's loyal subject

Raven at the Writing Desk said...
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Raven at the Writing Desk said...

Shut it, douchebag.